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Transport solutions

At Eitherway Freight in Whangarei, we provide everything you need to safely and effectively transport your freight. We take care of everything.

 Whatever level of service you require, Eitherway Freight is here to provide.

We deliver the highest quality, with all the latest features to keep your freight well secured.

Speak to us in Whangarei today to find our more, or give us a call. Our friendly team is waiting to find a transport solution that perfectly suits your requirements. 

Our staff

Our staff is knowledgeable about everything to do with transport solution. The end result is always the proof. We aim for the best for you and your freight.

Our equipment

We have access to whatever type of equipment it takes to move your freight. Our first priority is to locate the safest option, then the quickest, and then the least expensive.

All these things will be calculated for you as soon as you call us. 

Our customers

Time and time again we have satisfied customers who continually praise the care and efficiency with which we handled their transportation needs. Give us a call for quality transportation solution in Whangarei.

Our Fleet